Floor Plan

Floor Plans


Super Built-Up Area: 2752 SFT
Built-Up Area: 2416 SFT
Carpet Area: 1998 SFT


Super Built-Up Area: 2673 SFT
Built-Up Area: 2297 SFT
Carpet Area: 1868 SFT


Super Built-Up Area: 1956 SFT
Built-Up Area: 1620 SFT
Carpet Area: 1304 SFT


Super Built-Up Area: 2043 SFT
Built-Up Area: 1802 SFT
Carpet Area: 1402 SFT


Super Built-Up Area: 1957 SFT
Built-Up Area: 1624 SFT
Carpet Area: 1307 SFT

In keeping with our obsession with perfection, we have ensured that nothing mars your enjoyment of it. So from the streets that are paved and ideal for kids, to the underground cabling, piping and encased sewage outlets, all of these ensure that you never have to deal with spills and overhead tangles. Every small detail has been taken care of. Safety is paramount, so all electrical junctions are encased instate-of-the-art safety boxes.

Master Plan