Who are we?

We, the 42 Estates ensure to provide the best perspective in building edifice for our customers. Our fair service presentation contributes to our pride that calls for trusted advisers who appreciate us from the first step of our project to the very end.

Our team ranges from highly qualified professionals to industry specialists who help us keep our eyes on the company’s focus and mission at all times. We have spent countless number of years in the residential market, adding great experience that gives us deep insight into the industry which reflects on our end to end servicing for business partners and clients.

We want to be known through the trust we build with our clients and completion of projects that matches client satisfaction. We want to hold the baton of the hardest working team that delivers excellence which creates an impeccable reputation that attracts valuable clients to our company beyond national borders.

The company strives to align itself with the client’s requirement and instruction at every stage of process starting from the ideation through to risk management and all the way to delivery. The team’s mind set is fresh for each project and treats it as their first project to give their best performance in diligence, planning, strategy and energy. This definitely reflects on our results which is why we aim to create every building to be a perfect example in the world of real estate business.

Our hope is to create exemplary landmarks and credibility that resonates with 42 Estates mission of building greatest customer satisfaction, value addition, and economic brilliance whilst exceeding the expectations of its present and potential clients.

We build homes and not just houses where we harness the hopes and ambitions of our customers and shape it into a place that can be called their home. This is our motto at 42 Estates where we will always try to live by it and outgrow our last performance. You should pick us over other choices only if you want to build a home on principal value that is in accordance to your likes and preferences.

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Our Team

The main objective of the company is to put intense effort in cultivate such a thorough reputation that concedes the organization to be among the top home building companies at a global level. The organization tries to propel an incredible amount of energy and creativity into each project, further molding it into the residence of their client’s choice.

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Corporate Profile

With our business spread across nations like USA, United Arab Emirates and India, 42 Estate is gradually climbing the ladder of success in terms of real estate business. It excels at providing satisfaction to its customers and by strives establish a unique perspective to each and every project.

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Vission and Mission

42 Estates aims to invigorate its business step-by-step by creating a balance between customer satisfaction and company’s progress.

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