Our Logo

If you are wondering about our name 42 Estates and probably feel inquisitive and find the name mysterious you won't be wrong. Yes! You have got it right! You are working with the right partner be it a customers, supplier, employee or any stakeholders.

It's not a fancy name that came from any of the fantasies but it's a thoughtfully crafted name for the organization. LOGO is a combination of 42 different factors which we consider while designing our projects.

Our Customers have often been astonished to see our efficiency in design, cost effectiveness and this has earned us not only numerous projects but a name due to the quality we provided and the comfort our customers relished.

Our logo is the emblem which we rightly stand for!

The nomenclature and the logo exemplifies our excellence in mechanism and construction whose hallmark is born by all our edifices. It bears the testimony of quality and reassures us of the genus we belong to. It can be rightly said that the name 42 Estates stands for our Efficiency, Expertise, Mastery, and Professionalism. It also demonstrates our excellence in applying the latest engineering and architectural techniques and even stretching the limits of engineering sciences to create the marvel edifices that stand pompously in different corners of the world.

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Our Team

The main objective of the company is to put intense effort in cultivate such a thorough reputation that concedes the organization to be among the top home building companies at a global level. The organization tries to propel an incredible amount of energy and creativity into each project, further molding it into the residence of their client’s choice.

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Corporate Profile

With our business spread across nations like USA, United Arab Emirates and India, 42 Estate is gradually climbing the ladder of success in terms of real estate business. It excels at providing satisfaction to its customers and by strives establish a unique perspective to each and every project.

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Vission and Mission

42 Estates aims to invigorate its business step-by-step by creating a balance between customer satisfaction and company’s progress.

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