Corporate Profile

Since its inception , 42 Estates has been building path-breaking edifices and reshaping spaces. Ease of usability , style , and luxury are the cornerstones of our work. For us , our clients’ comfort is paramount. 42 Estates has made its mark across the world , with business footprints in The United States , Dubai , and India. 

Our constructions make a unique contribution to the skyline. With engineering marvels , design innovations , and architectural aesthetics we have carved a niche in the residential and hospitality sector. 

While 42 Estates brings a continental flavour to designs, we make sure we conform to the local norms, conditions, and the market forces. This makes us a truly unique and innovative construction firm with a global perspective. 

42 Estates is an organization which has grown owing to its emphasis on customer experience, which is the key factor behind all our efforts and decisions. The business processes at 42 Estates are designed by stalwarts from the industry keeping in mind the end-user. Customer centricity is the primary driving force behind all our efforts, our designs and constructions are a reflection of it. 

Safety, security, cost-effectiveness, and convenience are the main features of the structures we build. Every project is undertaken with an equal amount of attention and devotion coupled with cutting-edge technology. 

Our partnership with diverse companies, groups, professionals, vendors, and many other co-makers has enriched our journey. We are grateful to all of them all. But our deepest gratitude is reserved for our clientele, with whose discerning help and support we have built this multinational institution providing convenience and comfort to different sectors of people across continents.

A company that satisfies clients from different continents is sure to match yours.

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Our Logo

If you are wondering about our name 42 Estates and probably feel inquisitive and find the name mysterious you won't be wrong. Yes! You have got it right!

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Managment Team

Since inception, 42 Estates have been building path-breaking edifices and reshaping spaces for our clients comfort, ease of usability, style, and luxury. 42 Estates have firmly ingrained business footprints in different locations around the world like United States ,Bangalore and Dubai , where its constructions make a unique contribution to the cities’ skyline.

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Vision and Mission

42 Estates envisions at developing a path-breaking real estate firm with a global presence with a differentiating contribution in the field of architecture and design, exceeding the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.

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