Our Directors

Gaffar Kandy

Managing Director

“Grow your business around the talent and skills you think you can preserve for a long time.”

Mr. Gaffar Kandy is an acclaimed doyen in the field of real estate with more than a decade of experience and proficiency in the field of construction and engineering. Apart from his practical experience and vast theoretical knowledge that comes from his degree in civil engineering, he is a strategic planner, a model leader and a person with exceptional business acumen. Mr. Gaffar leads the global team of 42 Estates in his role as Managing Director. 

Mr. Gaffar is a celebrated architect in his own right. He has played the role of co-founder in his erstwhile career with one of the South India’s largest real estate firms and has successfully completed more than 100 projects there in.

His reputation and triumphs in the real estate market can be acknowledged by his myriad interviews that have been broadcasted in various media portals and magazines. Mr. Gaffar has always invoked a deep sense of confidence and trust with customers which has been instrumental in ensuring great returns for his stakeholders. His vision coupled with strong determination to achieve high standards within limited time makes him the face of a billion dollar real estate market. 

42 Estates is indeed set to reach great heights with Mr. Gaffar at the helm of its drive towards stupendous success and growth

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Ajith Alex

“Success is easy as long as you are the most hard working person in the room.”
Ajith Alex

Mr. Ajith is a multidisciplinary expert with experience in diverse fields like business development, business consulting and risk management. A post-graduate in Marketing from SDM Institute of Management Development, Mr. Ajith also bears a great track record of establishing sales strategies for new products and concepts. His strategy and techniques have been instrumental in accelerating sales in different organizations and setting up new processes. As a part of various big conglomerates, he has been able to study the real estate industry extremely well. With relentless zest to learn new things and subjects, Mr. Ajith has shown exemplary innovation and creativity in execution of projects. 

Mr. Ajith has a unique set of skills that help inculcate new concepts and ideas in no time for the betterment of existing processes. A highly creative person by nature, he is known to apply ideas into a definitive action plan which gives his unique strategies a leverage in the market. Strongly driven to perform better every time he takes up a new project, Mr. Ajith gives his best to expand the schemes and reach out to different places until he derives the desired result. His zeal and efforts have earned him several accolades in the syndicates he has earlier worked with. 

Apart from being a business oriented personality, Mr. Ajith takes an active interest in social and philanthropic pursuits. The team at 42 Estates is privileged to have him on board as one of its directors. His presence will establish 42 Estates as a truly innovative company that has the trust and faith of its customers, making it a truly successful and globally renowned real estate giant

Rishi Jain

“Hold your dream in one hand and your fear in another and leap.”
Rishi Jain

With an outstanding experience in the real estate and supply chain industry, Mr. Jain is one of the gems of 42 Estates. His expertise in logistics management, supply chain management, custom regulations & compliance, market planning & trend analysis etc., has had a strong bearing in making the company compliant in all aspects of its operations. His vast real estate know-how, coupled with risk management skills make him unique in every way. 

Mr. Jain’s hard work accelerated him towards his goal of becoming one of the most successful individuals in this business. With the strength of his experience, 42 Estates endeavours to reach the pinnacle of success in the real estate industry. The company is extremely delighted to have him on board as one of the directors. 

Shakeer PK


Mr. Shakeer’s name has become synonymous with excellence in hospitality services. The man behind IRIS on Brigade road, Bangalore, he has ensured that this shopping paradise and one of Bangalore’s biggest commercial centres is one of the best the city has to offer. Mr. Shakeer’s obsession with quality has ensured that IRIS Hotel is a business hotel like no other. It offers best in class experience to the patrons who endorse the state of the art facilities and unrivalled hospitality on offer.

While Hotel & Restaurant conceptualization and Project planning are his core skills, Mr. Shakeer brings unmatched energy and the highest level of professionalism to everything he does.

Mr. Shakeer takes care of 42 Resorts which is the hospitality division of 42 Estates along with IRIS Bangalore and 42 Green Pastures, Coonoor.

With such an able leadership and a host of top notch professionals, 42 Estates pledges to spearhead its mission in the real estate and hospitality industry. With our persistent vision, versatile financial structure, and high transparency, the company intends to capture the lucrative market segments of real estate and hospitality. Join us, as we help you realize your dream of owning not just a house but a home.

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Our Logo

42 Estates are pretty much the same. Its customers give us faith,dreams and confidence and it gives them the best of us. We’re just players. You’re the hero. 42 is the magic number.

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Corporate Profile

With our business spread across nations like USA, United Arab Emirates and India, 42 Estate is gradually climbing the ladder of success in terms of real estate business. It excels at providing satisfaction to its customers and by strives establish a unique perspective to each and every project.

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Vision and Mission

42 Estates aims to invigorate its business step-by-step by creating a balance between customer satisfaction and company’s progress.

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