5 reasons why 42 Queens Square is an ideal Villa community for your family

There are many reasons why one may opt for a villa community when looking for a home for the family. The most important seems to be the lifestyle it offers. A villa gives you privacy and community living all at once. The traditional concept of a “family home” with the modern necessity of a comfortable lifestyle with all amenities.

At 42 Queens Square we did our homework before we brought our project to life.

We carefully considered the reasons why a villa community would be important for you and your family and what would make you want to have that home with us and no one else.

Here are our top 5:

  1. A place that has the best location: When one makes a home and not just a house, it must take care of everyone’s needs. At 42 Queens Square, not only are you close to the most important work spaces in the city, the best schools are close enough to offer you the luxury of choosing nothing but the best for your kids’ future.
  2. Amenities that take care of mind and body: At 42 Queens Square your private villa gives you access to community spaces that promote health like state of the art sports facilities including pool, gym and running tracks. You can take advantage of the 72% open spaces in the property to breathe fresh and healthy air to soothe the mind and bring in living experiences that will go a long way in ensuring the overall health of each member of your family, young and old.
  3. Quality: In addition to the enviable combination of privacy and community living all the infrastructure within 42 Queens Square is in keeping with world class standards. You will never have to rue the quality of the materials used in the making of your home. It is often said that the quality of a real estate project can be judged by how the property looks at night. Even the street lights will make you feel like you are living in a space that brings you nothing but the best.
  4. Safety: Safety is always on your mind when you look at things from the perspective of your family. Whether it’s a vacation or a place to eat, your protective instincts will always kick in to make sure that what you pick will be what’s best for them. So with something as major as buying a home, you can never compromise. We agree, which is why our infrastructure includes closeted cabling and storm drainage that will ensure that your family is never exposed to dangerous maintenance work or the often ridiculed city flooding woes.
  5. Beauty: When you make a home, you would want it to be nothing short of perfect. At 42 Queens Square we give you 5 beautiful floor plans to choose from. Bristol, Sheffield, Cardiff, Windsor or Nottingham – Pick your address that will be as world class as it sounds.

Like they say, a thing of beauty is a joy forever – We wish this joy for your home and your family!

In pursuit of building a better world for you.