5 tips to protect your abode from the wrath of Monsoon

5 tips to protect your abode from the wrath of Monsoon

Our minds brim with joy each time Monsoon makes a grand arrival. The excitement it offers is truly unparalleled. It is a much-needed respite from the unrelenting summer heat. But Monsoons can also be a cause of concern. The scenario can quickly turn unpleasant, if Monsoon rears its ugly head. It’s wrath is unstoppable and we have to be wary of the dangers lurking within.

If the rain continues unabated, It could pose a threat to our livelihood, adversely affecting our homes and furnitures. Smaller, older homes stationed at vulnerable locations are always in grave danger.

The sight of the leaking roofs and wet cupboards are difficult to endure. The damages have to be foreseen. Here are a few tips that can help you tide over the numerous difficulties posed by the Monsoon season.

1.A Pre-monsoon Examination
Withstanding the wrath of Monsoon is a humongous task indeed. A thorough pre-monsoon examination can put your apprehensions to rest. Lend your homes a fresh coat of paint. It will help to cover up the hairline cracks, if any. Minor cracks can be filled in with Cement and Wall Putty.
2. Care for your Wooden Furniture
Make it a point to polish your wooden furniture well before the Monsoon season. Furniture should be handled with immense care during the period. Furniture can easily get damaged if it soaks in the moisture present on the surface, therefore its dryness has to be ensured with immaculate precision. This has to be done throughout the season.
3. Damp Cupboards
If you are not careful enough, your cupboards could emanate a damp smell during the monsoon season. This can be quite off-putting for everyone in your family. Naphthalene Balls, Camphor or Neem Leaves could come in handy in this sort of situation. Make sure that you do the necessary.
4. Ensure proper Ventilation
Keep harmful diseases at bay by ensuring proper ventilation within your homes throughout the Monsoon season. The constant passage of fresh air will help to reduce the dampness.
5. Beware of Electric Wires
Electric wires can pose a great risk during the monsoon season and we must be aware of the pratfalls. The dampness in the wires might result in short circuits. The wires should be checked thoroughly before the onset of monsoon. The Monsoon is still a few months away. So you have enough time in your hands. Fix all the worrying areas and embrace the Monsoon season wholeheartedly.

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