The impacts of the pandemic on our daily life has been devastating and has caused a lockdown of the economy as well. However, every crisis presents us with many more opportunities to do things differently, survive and thrive covid is no different. Stock market volatility has led people to look into more secure options for investment. Experts say amidst covid and sudden stock market crash, property investment has been a preferred asset class as it offers numerous long-term benefits. Also, the crisis highlighted the need for shelter and protection during these tough times.  


An investment means that your capital is safe, there’s a consistent increase in the value over time, and gives amazing returns with minimal risk factors. The question now is whether investing in luxury villas in Bangalore meets all these parameters. With the introduction of GST and RERA, buying into real estate is fast becoming a popular form of investment in Bangalore. If you harbored an aspiration to buy your own villas in Bangalore but couldn't make it happen, now is the time to re-evaluate your options. Here’s a look at the key benefits of investing in villas from some of the best builders in Bangalore



Bangalore, a dynamic city- driven by technology and innovation, home of many startup and technology giants, all the right economic factors favorable for real estate investment with a great climate and a promise of an enjoyable lifestyle. Buying a villa in Bangalore can be a significant decision to make in your entire life as it can be one of the biggest accomplishments in everyone’s bucket list.

Tax Assets 


The Indian government has announced an income tax relief for buyers of new homes or residential real estate of value up to Rs 2 crore. The best builders in Bangalore are providing the best offers If you are investing in buying a villa in Bangalore. 




A popular misconception is that villas in Bangalore are prohibitively expensive. If you look closely though, you can find villas even on a varied budget, some of them being absolutely affordable. They are available at reasonable prices as compared to the other locations of the country

Return on investment 

Villas in Bangalore are a clear winner on this parameter. Irrespective of their location, most villas are the perfect investment options. Some of the best developers in Bangalore offer a range of villas which apart from selling it for high resale value, there are other ways to earn money from a villa like renting, as they are strategically located in some of the most sought after locations. Even if you don't consider renting your villa as an option, you can move into a permanent residence in a gated community that provides amazing amenities and also enhances your lifestyle.

Rise in Real Estate Market


Bengaluru’s realty saw significant improvement in property sales and inquiries, the market has increased rapidly after the lockdown phase providing immense profits for the homeowners. Financial experts report that investing in real estate is the most tangible option and can never go wrong. 




Most villas in Bangalore are beautifully designed with green landscapes secured in a gated community. It also comes with ultra-modern amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium. Some of the best developers in Bangalore of a state of the art range of lifestyle villas in plush locations at an affordable price



Unlike apartments, villas don't have shared walls with the neighbours, you can keep your pets with you and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with rooftop gardens, enjoying a cup of tea on the front patio or doing yoga in the garden – all in complete privacy!


42 Estates provides an exclusive community that offers ultra-luxury villas in Sarjapur, Bangalore. Our Lifestyle villa projects are a true reflection of luxurious living, set in a scenic background, a blissfully luxurious neighborhood that reposes in unquestioned grandeur. Kickstart the new beginnings of your life by investing in the most premium villas destined to be one of the most valuable assets for the generations to come.