How quality of construction helps in reducing maintenance and peace of mind

No one likes to compromise on their dreams. Especially when it comes to their dream home. At 42 Estates, we understand this emotion of people. That’s why we pledge to employ the best of personnel, architecture,  technology and methodology to build every home. Within the past years, we were able to establish ourselves as one of the most trusted builders in Bangalore, all because of our commitment to quality. Safety, quality, cost-effectiveness, and convenience are the cornerstones of our work. This commitment to quality and reliability is hugely important to us and was the key driver in our success. 

The frequent maintenance can be a real nightmare for the homeowners. And it can cost them too. The best way to reduce these unnecessary maintenance problems is to increase the quality of homes. Quality is critical to avoid these maintenance problems. As builders, every quality decision we make has consequences and can affect the building. By improving the quality we can prevent premature and unnecessary future building maintenance. And that’s just what 42 Estates have done with our homes. 

By putting quality at the top of our agenda, we were able to create high-quality homes. We leverage talented personnel, quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to build homes that can stand the test of time and the rigour of everyday living. All our homes are engineered to a higher standard offering its inhabitants the best living experience. 

 Here’s how we truly do it.   

Talented Personnel

You are good as the team you build around. We understand this. That’s why we employ only the finest and the most talented personnel. We have Bangalore's best of the best working with us. From architects to project engineers, we have a full-fledged team working to make your dream a reality. 

Raw Materials

We take extreme care to personally source all of our raw materials and to only use wholesale partners with the best credentials and certifications. Our representatives personally visit the warehouses of our wholesale partners to conduct the first round of quality check. Only the top quality materials are sent to the project site. There again the second round of quality tests will be conducted.  For example, the steel has to go through 3 tests i.e. the bend test, weight test and chemical test. Only the passed materials will be used to build homes.  

Comprehensive Testing 

The type of soil varies from one location to another. So the first step in building a home is to check the characteristics of the ground soil. The type of soil is crucial as it determines the strength of the building. Not all soil types will be able to support a huge building. Any irregularity can affect the whole building structure. That’s why we conduct a series of comprehensive tests to determine the condition, compression and strength of the soil. We only start the construction once we get approval from our professional construction experts. 

We are maintaining a checklist of all quality products and using it for improving our quality.

Doors and Windows

The doors are made with hardwood frames and designer veneered lush shutters, along with good quality SS finish hardware. The entrance door is made with a timber frame with 8 feet high opening and 4 ft” wide panelled single shutter in hardwood timber and natural veneer finish with polyurethane coating. Bathroom and utility doors are made with wood frame, flush shutter finished with melamine polish.


All internal walls and ceilings are plastered with cement mortar and finished with plastic emulsion paint. We use plastic emulsion paint for all internal walls. A combination of texture paint and exposed aggregate plaster is used for the exterior walls giving the walls a hard texture with a rich granular effect. MS grill partition on two sides of the Villa. 


For floorings, we have used superior quality vitrified tiles. All tiles used for the lobby, living, dining, kitchen and other common areas are from Qutone or similar brands. We have also provided laminated wooden flooring for two bedrooms for the villas. And for the toilets, we have given high-quality anti-skid tile flooring and glazed tile cladding. The staircase treads are of granite and come with an SS hand railing with toughened glass.


All sanitarywares used in the homes are from premium brands like Kohler or equivalent. Kohler or equivalent make wall mounted water closets, washbasins, showerheads, bath mixers. We use pressure tested CPVC piping for internal and shaft plumbing systems and CPVC for external piping.


We have used electric circuits with concealed fire resistant low smoke wires. All the wires and materials used are from premium brands like Finolex, Schneider or equivalent.  


We have used load-bearing walls for all the homes. It helps to transfer the weight of the house all the way. The whole structure is Seismic Zone II compliant. That means the buildings can handle earthquakes of a certain magnitude.  

Over 5+ years of experience in construction goes into every home we build. It’s part of what makes us special. What we aspire to provide is a premium living experience with high-quality luxury homes. 


In pursuit of building a better world for you.