Motherhood is in the details … because she thinks of everything!

Mothers think of everything.

The extra pair of jeans that she packed that came in handy because obviously the juice spilt and ruined the dress. The sound advice she gave about giving some time to pursue a certain passion which ultimately became your job. The wonderful way in which she parcels little special things whenever you visit which makes you homesick wherever you are. Her love is always in the details. Unconditional love is what makes her so good at what she does.

Mothers know what you need. Their expertise is customized to their child! They know what their children like, what works with them and what doesn’t. Which is why mothers have a hundred percent success rate when it comes to making their kids feel loved and cared for.

One cannot sum up the gratitude of a lifetime in a day celebrated once a year, but one can most definitely take the time out to stop and admire the one person who made us who we are today. The one person who always found the time to take care of all the things that were important to us – from our project work in school to advice on relationships. Mothers take care of it all … always.

This attention to detail and the little things that matter is what has inspired us to create 42 Queens Square. Every thought has gone into creating a space that is warm, secure and has everything your family needs to have a great living experience – a space that will make you feel loved! From sprawling open spaces and world class amenities to state-of-the-art lighting and secured cable wiring, every aspect of great living has been taken into consideration. We may never match mother’s love, but we can most definitely match her eye for detail!

Your perfect home with 42 Queens Square, we are sure mother would approve!

In pursuit of building a better world for you.