Raising the standards of Urban living.

The new gen family has the real estate market on its toes. They don’t want to compromise. 

Till two decades ago, buying a home had more to do with the budget, proximity to schools and work… that’s about it. 

But with social media and a shrinking world, the home buyer has been exposed to an international standard of living, that at one point of time was only available to a select few.

They want a good lifestyle along with great connectivity and very good education. They take international holidays that bring them closer to other cultures and cuisines, making them eager to experience new things back home as well. 

Recently when looking at buying a villa in Bangalore, Mr. Mohan, a Senior V.P. with a leading tech company had decided that his family would need the best of all worlds. His search, therefore, was not just for a well-priced home that is close to good schools, but for a villament that offers his growing kids the comfort of a community while retaining the privacy of a villa. In his words, “Having lived abroad, I want to make sure that my family’s Bangalore lifestyle is not a compromise of any sort. My boys love to play and explore outdoors. I was looking for a place that gave them open spaces as well as play areas.” 

He was pleasantly surprised when he came across the 42 Queens Square project by 42 Estates. An all-encompassing community of luxury villas that offers great living spaces with amenities of international standards. His concern regarding the schooling of his two boys was immediately addressed when he found that the top 5 schools in Bangalore, including his wife’s first choice – The International School Bangalore (TISB) are all in the vicinity. The fact that his office in Electronic City has direct connectivity is nothing short of a blessing in a metro like Bangalore. That sports retailer Decathlon, a favorite with the kids is also in the neighborhood made the decision even easier. 

For The Mohans, a property like 42 Queens Square is all about living the good life. New gen families like theirs are playing a role in raising the standards of urban living.

In pursuit of building a better world for you.