Behind the scene features at 42 Queens Square

Life is lived in the little things. A kind smile between strangers, a quiet cup of coffee or a walk in the park, small pearls of happiness strung together make for a life well lived. At 42 Queens Square we believe in taking care of the little things that go into making life flawless for you and your family. Meticulous planning and an eye for perfection have ensured that the home you make with us meets the high standards that you set for yourself and your family. Here are a few features at 42 Queens Square that takes care of things behind the scenes for you to have that picture-perfect home.

  1. Underground cabling: We know how much you care about the way your home and the space around it looks. Nothing says sloppy workmanship like exposed cables. At 42 Queens Square we ensure that no wires are exposed. All the electrical facilities provided are characterized by strategically placed concealed junction boxes. This has been implemented to eliminate the need for ungainly and dangerous digging in the property during times of maintenance work.
  2. Rainwater harvesting: If you are like us, then you have been following the ongoing battle for efficient water systems in the city. At 42 Queens Square you can be sure of our using efficient systems is in line with our commitment to best practices. By harvesting rainwater, we endeavor to set an example to ensure that this precious resource is not wasted.
  3. 100 recharge pits take care of the underground water levels. In the situation where there is heavy rainfall, these pits work towards safe removal of excess water. In a city where the slightest excess rainfall causes one to wade through water, this small but very important detail will ensure that your home sweet home is in a flood protected environment.
  4.  Sleek and future ready street lighting: It is often said that the best way to judge an environment is by what it looks like at night. At 42 Queens Square the street lighting has been planned with an emphasis on aesthetics and safety. A 100% aluminum body guarantees rust free illumination. The sleek, full body lit design is efficient and in line with the future ready look and feel of the property.

So, for those whose checklist for the dream home is longer than just location, amenities and square feet, 42 Queens Square has it all taken care of. We are always reaching for better ways to serve the standards that our clients set for us, and these behind the scenes features are one of the ways we do it!

In pursuit of building a better world for you.