Inimitable Indoor Plants

Does the ardent nature lover in you yearn for a semblance of greenery? Indoor Plants can offer a solution. These tiny plants can enhance the beauty of your living space like no other. From soaking up lousy air to removing airborne toxins, the numerous benefits that they offer cannot be ignored in haste. Indoor plants can play a major role in ensuring your psychological and physical well being.

Listed below are the five plants which we feel can be the perfect choice for your indoors.


Captivating to the core, Jasmine's scent-like fragrance has the power to conquer your hearts and soothe your minds. It also possesses the phenomenal power to boost the positive energy inside your home. The plant is best placed near a south-facing window.


This aromatic and distinct herb offers ample health benefits. It can purify the air inside your home and make it pollution-free. The smell of Rosemary has the magical power to heal your mind and uplift your mood. It is also an effective solution for insomnia. Rated high for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, Rosemary is a must in your home.

Peace Lily

Known as the harbinger of peace, Peace Lily is an adaptable, low-maintenance houseplant that helps you prosper spiritually, mentally and physically. The plant can single handedly improve the flow of energy by neutralizing harmful indoor gases. Peace Lily grows well in well-shaded environments and also aids restful sleep if kept inside the bedrooms.

Money Plant

A Money Plant can bring in loads of good luck to your home. Best kept in the corners, these jade plants can alleviate your fear and anxiety. It can boost the oxygen level inside your home.

Aloe Vera

A natural healer, Aloe Vera can instill positive energy inside your home. This is a magical plant that can prosper under real and artificial lights. The gel that oozes out of its stalks has the power to regenerate cells. Its charm is such that it can prettify any room in your house.

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