Sarjapur Road: A long stretch of the imagination

Take a drive on Sarjapur Road. Most of you do on a daily basis. But for those who haven’t been on the road, ever, it's a revelation. It has magnificent buildings, construction of newer ones are going on. The peripheral ring road which connects Tumkur and Hosur Road by connecting with the Existing NICE Road and completing a circle is in the pipeline. In a few more years the whole area is going to be transformed to a completely new space. A road that's a city by itself.

Amenities that you rarely find in other parts of Bangalore are mushrooming up. These buildings you see rising up to the sky hold some of the finest creative and accomplished minds in the country. People who day in and day out plot the paths that would lead to a new paradigm in IT. A silicon valley on its own.

But to go back a few years, this was barren space. Nothing except vegetation. And villages every few kilometers. But within a short-while it has grown remarkably fast. All because of the foresight and imagination that has helped drive Bangalore to where it is today.

Sarjapur Road has some of the finest schools, including Indus School, which is consistently rated the best school in Bangalore. And many hospitals that are nearby including the Japanese backed Sakra and Narayana Hridulaya.

Shopping centres dot the road so does huge single purpose stores like Decathlon. And access to Whitfield, Electronic City, and other nearby areas are comfortable and easy.

Since workplaces have mushroomed over the years, there has been a huge demand for liveable residences and lots of apartments and villas populate the road. Where and how you live actually is a precursor to being comfortable and creative at your workplace. Imagine having to drive hours to reach your workplace, having to go through stress at work and then driving back all the way in the evening. This becomes an absolute nightmare when you have to do this on a daily basis. It takes a toll on your health and it intrudes on your family or‘ me’ time as well.

Luckily there are enough residential apartments that have mushroomed up and accommodating thousands of families. There is a huge social structure that is in place. Infrastructure has improved.Sarjapur Road has now firmly ensconced as one of the places in Bangalore that has the inimitable buzz of an IT city to it.

Beyond apartments, there is a huge demand for villas, but most of them are in the 2.5 crore range and above, creating a need for lower-priced villas that are equally beautiful to live in with all the amenities thrown in as well.

Thus was born 42 Estates venture, 42 Queen’s Square. Right next to the Infosys SEZ that's set to come up in the near future and diagonally opposite the Azim Premji University, that's coming up. Ideally located, 81 beautifully designed 3, 4 and 5 BHK villas dot 6 acres of land giving you 71% of open space with 2 clubhouses and other sporting facilities. And the heartwarming part is that the villas start at a price of just 1.28 crores.

It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

In pursuit of building a better world for you.