Group companies

42 Estates actively takes interest in building residential, commercial building and hospitality to foster our vision to be the market leader. Thus, the company has also established a group of companies to forward its business and create innovative opportunities to grow with time.

The company is devoted to achieve constant development and growth in the market and aims to become an iconic name in the world of real estate and hospitality. Slowly and gradually, we are advancing towards our dream and one of the ways to reach the summit is to expand our business outside the company and show our clients and associates that we are willing to stop at nothing.

When individuals commit to team effort, the result has to be outstanding!!

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42 Resorts

Set in the pristine Allada Valley in Coonoor region of Tamil Nadu, 42 Green Pastures is a blend of luxury and comfort where you can relax in the lap of nature. The hotel offers advanced fittings and chief amenities with home cooked meals to make its customers feel at home.

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