Gaffar Kandy- Founder & Managing Director of 42 Estates


Born in Cannanore, Kerala, Gaffar Kandy graduated in Civil Engineering from GCE, Bangalore. After graduation he worked as Executive Director at Fero Ply Wood panel pvt Ltd and later ventured into timber import from various European countries. In 2005 he co-founded and worked as a Managing Director in one of the well known builders in India. Gaffar Kandy, being Instrumental in taking their success internationally, has also completed over 105 projects with them. He also ventured into the hospitality sector right when it demanded a boost in terms of innovation and has successfully completed various projects. He went on to wear many hats by working in the Airlines and the entertainment industry as well.


Despite his various accomplishments in the real estate industry, In 2016, he founded his dream project, 42 estates, a niche selected residential projects which stands out from the pack. It was his passion to contribute in fulfilling dreams that led to starting his own real estate company. His projects are given more personal attention to let the outcome be a dream come true .


42 Estates is an organization which has grown owing to its emphasis on niche construction rather than mass construction. With business footprints in different locations around the world like the United States, Bangalore and Dubai, the firm has made important advances in developing new constructions to the city's skyline. Gaffar has also taken initiatives to make 42 Estates a sustainable builder that uses the latest available technology to reduce its impact on the environment. Bringing continental fervor to the designs with astounding diversity, we conform to the local norms as well. This makes 42 Estates a truly unique and innovative construction firm with a global perspective.


With the launch of new residential projects, he looks forward to the expansion of 42 Estates. The company's focus is on quality and timely delivery of properties with demand getting consolidated towards pioneers in making villas, to have commercial and retail space in the central business district (CBD ) and to create an “exclusive brand” for villas.


His passion for travelling has helped him in expanding the business in various countries and also aid in his entrepreneurial journey. This helped satisfy customer needs in new, ingenious ways and to bring in the culture of various countries in his works which makes the projects meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. Explaining his target, Gaffar says, “villa means 42”, and his vision, ingenuity and passion have made 42 Estates separate from the rest and move closer to achieving the target. This has also enabled him to carve a niche for himself in a competitive real estate business.

He believes one key way to carry out his mission is by giving back and supporting worthwhile causes: CSR activities, education as a part of the round table of India, building schools in remote areas and taking care of the infrastructure are some of them. Gaffar kandy believes in simplicity and is driven by a deep desire to invest heavily in the community and improve the human condition with generosity of spirit and commitment.


Sincere intents touch everyone’s hearts. His advice for young entrepreneurs: be sincere to work and have a strong vision and you will see that everything will fall in place 


Known for taking the road less travelled, Gaffar has received numerous honours and awards throughout his career for his innovative business solutions. Common Floor Real Estate Award (2018-2019) for Best Developer Professional Excellence-Villas, India Property Awards (2019) for Premium Villa Project of the Year for 42 Estates are some of them.