What to buy ? An apartment in Sarjapur Road is a good start.

Real estate has been a popular investment choice and it has paid off handsomely for many people. Real estate investments can provide you with both capital and income gains. What to buy ? An apartment in Sarjapur Road is a good start.

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The invaluable insight and understanding of our highly qualified management team has inspired us to pursue eminence without compromising with the quality of construction and satisfaction of our customers.

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Sarjapur – The place to be

Bangalore’s biggest IT hubs are merely a stone’s throw away, a significant relief in a city where distance means dull hours spent in traffic. Wipro corporate office is 15 minutes away, with Electronic City, Whitefield, Outer Ring Road (ORR) and Sarjapur Road closely connected.

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Our top 5 picks for a well spent Dussehra vacation.

If you are a Bangalore based parent, then you know that October is bringing 10 – 12 days of mid-term break for the kids. Don’t freak out; we got you covered.Here is our Conde Nast approved top 5 holiday destinations for October.

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Raising the standards of Urban living

The new gen family has the real estate market on its toes. They don’t want to compromise. Till two decades ago, buying a home had more to do with the budget, proximity to schools and work… that’s about it.

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Men can shop too! - Indian men are dressing up to wind down

Bangalore as a city is known for its penchant for great food and good shopping. Weekends are when everyone (including one’s house help) takes the time to wind down with some good food and shopping. This is one city where men too seem to give in to some regular retail therapy.

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Festivities and family -Making the most of the festivities.

India is a country that has its clock set according to various harvest and religious festivals, and Bangalore has become a melting pot of communities from all over. Irrespective of geography, nostalgia is always accompanied by memories of food prepared around those times and family get togethers with relatives, friendly gatherings that are symbolic of “the good old days”.

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Sarjapur Road: A long stretch of the imagination

Take a drive on Sarjapur Road. Most of you do on a daily basis. But for those who haven’t been on the road, ever, it's a revelation. It has magnificent buildings, construction of newer ones are going on. The peripheral ring road which connects Tumkur and Hosur Road by connecting with the Existing NICE Road and completing a circle is in the pipeline.

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5 things you should know before you buy your 42 Queens Square Villa.

You are choosing the future: Your dream home has to be future ready. With 42 Queens Square you are ensuring you have dibs on a world class property that boasts of proximity to some of the finest upcoming institutions – The Azimji Premji University and IT giant Infosys to name a few.

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Behind the scene features at 42 Queens Square

Life is lived in the little things. A kind smile between strangers, a quiet cup of coffee or a walk in the park, small pearls of happiness strung together make for a life well lived. At 42 Queens Square we believe in taking care of the little things that go into making life flawless for you and your family.

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Motherhood is in the details … because she thinks of everything!

Mothers think of everything.The extra pair of jeans that she packed that came in handy because obviously the juice spilt and ruined the dress. The sound advice she gave about giving some time to pursue a certain passion which ultimately became your job.

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5 reasons why 42 Queens Square is an ideal Villa Community for your family.

There are many reasons why one may opt for a villa community when looking for a home for the family. The most important seems to be the lifestyle it offers. A villa gives you privacy and community living all at once. The traditional concept of a “family home” with the modern necessity of a comfortable lifestyle with all amenities.

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